ASCE Ithaca

Civil Engineering in the Southern Tier of NY

About the Section


ASCE's mission is to provide essential value to our members, their careers, our partners and the public by developing leaership, advancing technology, advocating lifelong learning and promoting the profession.

The Ithaca section focuses on developing learning opportunities for its members, business relationships and friendships.  We work to make valuable information accessible of the sort that rarely appears on websites or in books and magazines.   We promote the profession with public events and media and political outreach.

Geographic Area:

The Ithaca Section is in ASCE's Region 1.  Learn more about the other Sections, Branches, and parent part of the organization at

  • Southern Tier of New York State including:

    • Binghamton

    • Elmira

    • Corning

    • Ithaca

  • Schools within the Section include:

    • SUNY Broome

    • Cornell University

Section Board Members:

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ASCE Ithaca Section | PO Box 132 | Ithaca, NY 14851

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