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Make StateTrack Part of Your Government Relations Dialogue

In December 2016, ASCE’s State Government Relations department rolled out a new legislative and regulatory information service.

We hope that you’ve found StateTrack by CQ Roll Call a useful resource this legislative session. StateTrack pages are complete with the latest information on bills and regulatory items that ASCE is tracking in your state. 

To make sure members in your Section and/or Branch are even more in tune with activity at the state capitol we encourage you to link to your state’s page from your Section and/or Branch website. Visit the StateTrack homepage and click on your state, to access the unique link you can use on your website. 

In addition to the legislative and regulatory reports, state pages have been customized with key facts about the state legislature, a list of Key Alerts that require your attention, as well as a news feed. 

We are eager for you to use the new system and welcome your feedback. Please let us know if we can present anything in a different way or if there are items you would like to see on your state’s page. Additionally, be sure to let us know when you’ve added the link to your page. We’d like to recognize you in our weekly This Week in Washington newsletter.  

If you’ve already added StateTrack to your Section and/or Branch website, or you’re interested in getting more engaged, please reach out to Aaron Castelo or Maria Matthews as they can help you amplify your efforts and/or begin to plan your legislative strategy. 

We look forward to helping you raise awareness and advance ASCE’s State Priority Issues!

ASCE Government Relations

ASCE Legislative Day

On March 21, 2016

The ASCE Drive-in to Albany, NY event was held in conjunction with AGC (Association of General Contractors) Rebuild New York Now rally.  ASCE was in attendance promote to and educate State Legislators on ASCE’s 2015 Report Card for New York’s Infrastructure.

The Ithaca Section was represented by members Adam Giblin, Todd Mueller, Gene Rood, and Bill Merwarth.  Beth Ann Smith assisted the Syracuse Section with their visits.

Prior to the event Adam made appointments with Senator James Seward, Assemblyman Christopher Friend, Senator Tom O’Mara, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, and Assemblyman Philip Palmesano.

Adam and Bill visited Senator Seward’s office and met with his Legislative Analyst Damon Jeffers.  Damon was very interested in infrastructure improvement and wondered if ASCE had any ideas on alternative funding methods.  Damon was very impressed with the Report Card’s full report and stated “He had not seen a report with so much detail.”  During our visit Senator Seward stopped in briefly to thank us for coming to visit.  Chris Eing, Mohawk-Hudson Section, joined us for this visit since Senator Seward’s district extends into the Mohawk-Hudson Section.

Adam and Todd visited Assemblyman Friend’s office and met with his assistant as the Assemblyman was unfortunately unavailable.  We described the need for improved infrastructure and the need for increased funding.  We left copies of the Report Card and the Report Card’s full report.

Adam, Todd, Gene, and Bill visited Senator O’Mara’s office and met with his Legislative Director Brian Alapat.  Senator O’Mara was attending the rally.  The Senator recently sent a letter to the Majority Leader urging that increased funding for infrastructure improvements be included in the budget.

Adam, Todd, Gene, and Bill met with Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo.  Ms. Lupardo was supportive and in agreement with our message – the State’s infrastructure needs real and urgent improvement with consistent and adequate funding.

Adam, Todd, Gene, and Bill met with Assemblyman Philip Palmesano.  He is very pro-infrastructure and has been working hard to increase infrastructure spending.  Every year he is gaining more support but cannot get leadership to address the issue in the State’s budget.

Todd and Gene visited Assemblyman Clifford Crouch unannounced and were able to meet with the Assemblyman.  Mr. Crouch was generally supportive and in agreement with the need for targeted infrastructure spending for the benefit of New Yorks citizens.  We left copies of the Report Card and the Report Card’s full report.

Adam, Todd, Gene, and Bill visited Senator Fred Akshar unannounced.  Unfortunately the Senator was in a committee meeting.  We met with his Chief of Staff, Mary Lee.  We discussed the need for improved infrastructure and the need for increased funding.  We left copies of the Report Card and the Report Card’s full report.

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